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Forgery Crimes In Atlanta

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As a form of fraud and a white-collar crime, forgery is a very serious offense. An individual or a business could be accused of forgery, and if convicted, they could face very serious legal consequences. If you or someone you care about is currently facing charges for forgery, you need to act very quickly. Time is of the essence and any decisions you make at this time can affect your future and your freedom. Finding the right attorney to represent you is one of the most important decisions you can make.

Attorney Brandon Dixon at the Law Office of Brandon Dixon, P.C. is highly experienced in the field of criminal defense and is prepared to offer you top-quality representation. He has the knowledge and resources you need on your side to handle complex forgery cases. If you would like a skilled Atlanta criminal defense attorney on your side that is not afraid to fight for your rights, he is the man for the job.

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What Is Forgery?

Forgery is a common white collar crime that is financially motivated. This offense is typically committed by professionals or businesses and involves intentionally or knowingly falsifying documents or information to deceive or to make money illegally. Forgery crimes can include art forgery, credit card forgery, currency forgery, and drivers’ license forgery.

Examples of Forgery

Acts of forgery can include those that are complex and intricately planned as well as those that are simple and one-time acts. Examples of the most common types of forgery include:

  • Credit card forgery
  • Check forgery
  • Currency forgery
  • Collector coin forgery
  • Financial document forgery
  • Legal document forgery
  • ID card forgery
  • Drivers’ license forgery
  • Signature forgery
  • Contract forgery
  • Legal certificate forgery
  • Art forgery

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Although many of these crimes are committed intentionally, there may even be instances where a person unknowingly becomes guilty of a crime. For example, you could be accused of selling a piece of artwork that you believed was real, but was actually a forgery.

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